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    July 2009
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Because DH is prior service, the recruiter will get us a list of Posts that are accepting transfers in and then we get to pick our first duty station. I’ve been researching like crazy. For DH, he doesn’t really care, but for me…. I want to know all the details I can find out ahead of time. Army OneStop has been awesome. You can select an installation and then view floor plans, photos of housing, post maps, local attractions and much more! I’ve been on this website a ton. This way we have a heads up when we get the list. We have checked out all the posts that are “infantry based” since DH is Infantry… So we have an idea of our top 3 and if they are on the list, then we will go from there! Right now it looks like Fort Stewart or Fort Benning are a good choice! But we also are considering Germany if it’s on the list! We’d like to go prior to having any  more children so that we can travel and have a good time and enjoy each other before settling down more than we have! 🙂

Ah and while DH is at his AT, I am stuck at home packing! Yup this is the 3rd time we’ve moved in the last 2.5 years – and every time, I am the one home packing… alone. I suppose I should get used to it right? Well you should see my house. Boxes are everywhere!! Ek! And cleaning just isn’t my thing… *sigh*

PS: Make sure to keep an eye out for my photo gallery page coming soon! I’ll be taking pictures as we go!

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